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Nature has been good and kind, making a perfect replica of the traditional Rockwell Santa. A beautiful natural pure white beard and hair with plump rosy cheeks. Called a “Natural Santa”, he has his own natural jolly belly to fill out his lovely traditional red velvet suit and matching toy bag. Santas personality is large, warm and bubbly. Children of all ages feel comfortable sitting on his lap visiting, talking and sharing their wishes for Christmas as well as getting their pictures taken with the Ol’ Red Robber !

Santa is seen out and about year-round. Such a good replica that all year, kids look and see him as Santa. He always stops to take the time to laugh, talk and tell tales with all the children, small and large.

He enjoys doing all kinds of events from small private home visits to big corporate events. The adults enjoy Santa as much as the kids. I have been doing this for many years and always performed well in all situations mostly because it’s making people happy, telling a tale or two and just flat laughing. Santa has a larger than life personality and is very quick on his feet with good answers to all the kids’ questions. He is a great story teller and is a very animated book reader if you want a certain book read to your children. Santa did his time with the US Navy and as such has access to the military bases and loves to visit with children of our military heroes! Giving back to our communittee.

Booking this Santa means tot take your visit or event to a new level and the total success you are hope for because when you book me, Santa is showing up for the party !

Photography by: Jody Rael Photography Studio – 702-596-0940




Mrs. and Santa and “Faith”